• The Ginga Intensive Course Level III has arrived. The final stage of our Ginga courses program will continue be focused and directed to develop and enhance your skills as a teacher. For this course we will introduce a musicality live class, where you will be able  to identify the rhytms and the difference of each instruments and their importance in each african music style. Syllabus with all technical information that you need to prepare your classes. Afro class with a live percurson experience and a lot more of surprises, where you certainly will not leave the same way you entered in the course.


    • Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, Kuduro, Coupé Décalé and African Traditional Rhythms.
    • Musicality Live Class (how to identify, musical count and rhythm differentiation).
    • Teaching Skills (teaching techniques for lessons  and  how to structure a class)
    • Techniques for Shows ( important elements to structure a show)
    • Certification of participation.


    All inclusive, 3 days in Lisbon-Portugal (meals included,rooms,etc), 21+ hours of intensive training, parties, private GINGA gala, and many more..
    Transportation provided from Lisbon airport.


    Please if you have any question about the course email us!

  • Please if you would like to split your payment in 3 times or more, contact us and we will help you to create the most suitable plan for you.


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