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  • Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, Kuduro and African Rhythms

  • Musicology (how to identify, musical count and rhythm differentiation)

  • Leading and Following

  • Teaching Skills (teaching techniques for lessons  and  how to structure a class)

  • Body Mechanics (isolations, ginga footwork, posture)

  • Certified as a GINGA teacher.


All inclusive, 4 days at luxury house in Portugal (rooms ,pool,etc)
Meals included, 30+ hours of training, Private party, etc.
Transportation provided from Lisbon airport.


Ginga Course is dedicated to us Women, which through our body expression,movement and passion for this art have taken dance to the hearts of people around us.

Aimed at teachers and dance lovers wanting to learn and develop more their knowledge for dance teaching.

In order to obtain levels I and II we have created the possibility for teachers to complete a diploma as a ginga instructor and for dance lovers a certificate of participation.

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